Tips for Finding Just the Right Kitchen and Bath Designer

How to find the right kitchen and bath designer
Behind every great design is an equally great match between the client and the designer. It is essential that you and your designer are on the same page. So, how does one go about finding that magical match? It is easier than you think but it does involve a little bit of investigation on your part.
Ask your friends about their experiences with a kitchen and bath designer.
• Look at the Parade of Homes in your area and gather business cards where you love the kitchen and bathroom spaces.
• Ask people in the trades such as painters, carpenters or builders as well as paint, flooring and furniture retailers.
• Visit kitchen and bath showrooms. Investigate the displays, look at the variety of products and speak to the representatives in the show room. Are you comfortable and are you getting good information about their products and services? Many showrooms will have pictures of their work so be sure to check out the portfolio.
Let’s say you have narrowed down your search and have two or three possible designers of interest. Have a conversation with each one and look for the following:
• Does the designer listen to you? It is really important that your designer hears what you are saying and is able to translate into the design that best fits your needs, style and budget.
• Ask about the level of experience.
• Ask about the installers and their experience. Do they use the same ones or are there different subcontractors?
• Is the designer willing to work with your budget?
• Is there a portfolio for you to see?
• Is it possible to see actual work?
• Are there references you could check?
• Ask about anticipated issues that might arise.
Money talk is critical!
Be honest about your budget, including a contingency fee for any issues that might come up. In the end, you will save a lot of time in getting your design in hand and getting construction underway by sharing your budget parameters with your designer.
Be sure you understand the fee structure you will be charged and the contract you are signing.
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