Practical Steps Towards Bathroom Renovation

Planning a bathroom renovation can be a lot of fun! Often the smallest room in the house, the bathroom generally lives up to its name. As a result we can see some impressive results quickly, once work actually begins on any attempted renovation project. Of course there are financial benefits to working in a smaller space too: less materials are called for, and usually less man hours of labor.

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Lets Begin by Considering the Bathroom Cabinetry

Its not always necessary to remove the existing cabinets. In some cases it may be possible to replace the face of the existing cabinetry: this involves removing the framing and cabinet doors and attaching new custom equivalents in place. By using this approach an entirely new look can be achieved without actually removing the cabinet boxes and thus having to deal with any possible ensuing complications with sink plumbing.

It may also be possible to merely sand and refinish existing cabinetry. This can be a favorable option if the cabinetry is in good repair but perhaps dirty or worn out looking. You can use car body filler to repair any serious dents prior to applying the new coat of paint. The results can be extremely impressive!

In the event that the existing cabinetry doesn’t work within the new design for some reason, obviously the thing to do is remove and replace. If you are thinking of this course of action, be sure to not only think of replacing the cabinets, but also repositioning them. In many older buildings, the bathroom cabinetry is just too large for the room. Currently, there are fantastic options for housing a sink and storing some items below, and it is  often preferable to win back some free space over storage. If you are willing to remove the sink and cabinets, you owe it to yourself to open up all options and nothing feels better than walking into a once tiny bathroom when excessive cabinets have been tastefully replaced.

Other Important Considerations

Most of us aren’t prepared to remove an existing bath and move it elsewhere, but often just changing out the tiles on the wall can accomplish an incredible rejuvenation for the room. The same can be said for the flooring, and if both the wall tiling and floor are carefully chosen to work in cooperation with each other, you will have no trouble tying the rest of the room together. Be sure to consult some architectural design magazines for ideas about combining contemporary looks with traditional, or just to get the cogs of your imagination turning! Bathroom renovation ideas are all around us, keep your mind open to new ideas while you’re in the planning stages of the job and you’ll be surprised with how much inspiration comes your way.

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