Must-Know Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most trafficked room in your house, and is prone to everyday wear and tear that can result in a dull and unpleasant look. Remodeling your bathroom can bring back the beauty of your bathroom. Here are some Bathroom Remodeling ideas that you should consider while hiring Aspen Kitchens Inc. to remodel your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

  • Set a budget- You should start your remodeling project by creating a budget, as knowing what you can afford to spend will make it easier for you to choose materials, hardware and accessories for your bathroom.
  • Update Lighting- Lighting can make a small bathroom look larger. Dim lighting is nice for a relaxing bath and bright lights are great for shaving or applying makeup.Bathroom Lighting
  • Choose Durable Flooring- There are many types of flooring materials available in the market. Tile is the most popular flooring option for bathrooms because it is durable and waterproof. It is available in a variety of patterns and colors. Vinyl flooring is another good option. It is easy-to-clean, water resistant, and stain proof.
  • Modern storage systems- Choosing the right vanity or sink can make or break your bathroom’s design. There are several types of mounting options available. If you want maximum storage space then you should buy free standing sink. If your bathroom is small then you should go with wall mounted sink. If you want to save space in your bathroom then corner mounted sink will be best for you.Bathroom storage
  • Update faucets and other bathroom fixtures- Replacing bathroom fixtures like tub handles, control knobs and shower heads can give your bathroom a newer look without spending too much money. There are many types of materials available for sink faucet fixtures and other bathroom fixtures including brass, steel and chrome.

Some More Ideas

  • Get a curved shower rod as it can add a surprising amount of space to your shower.
  • Don’t forget about bathroom ventilation systems while remodeling.
  • Install stylish mirrors in your bathroom.
  • Recoat your old bathtub and add new fixtures.

Aspen Kitchens Inc. is dedicated to your satisfaction and a job well done. The professional team will be with you during the process, to answer questions that arise and guarantee a well finished project. Call today to schedule a consultation!