Kitchen Remodeling on a Tight Budget

Kitchen remodeling is a great investment.  Not only does a remodeled kitchen beautify your home, but it also makes your kitchen function more efficiently and productively.  It also provides you an outlet for your creativity, and is both fun and exciting at the same time.  However, remodeling your kitchen may come with a lot of hard work and stress, especially if you don’t have enough to pay for kitchen designers.  That is why this article gathered some tips to remodel your kitchen with a tight budget. The professionals at Aspen Kitchens Inc. understand budgeting, and will work with you to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort for any pocket.


What’s the first step?

In kitchen remodeling, you might think the first step would be looking at magazines and cutting out kitchen designs of your dreams, selecting the perfect theme and color, and going shopping for appliances.  However, the first thing you should really do is to give your kitchen a deep-cleaning.

By deep-cleaning, you would have to take away all the clutter from your kitchen.  You’ll be surprised at how many things you have kept hidden and unused at all.  Throw away everything that won’t work, you don’t want, and don’t need.  Clear the kitchen from all the mess.  Decide what goes and what stays.  After you have finished, you will be able to see the space of your kitchen clearly, with only the cabinets, appliances, and the dishes.  Start cleaning, scrubbing and getting down on your knees to make sure everything is squeaky clean.  From there, you can assess what parts of your kitchen need to be worked on, what can be repaired, what needs to be repainted, etc.

If your kitchen is not too old, you’ll be amazed with how big a change deep-cleaning can do.  Sometimes, it might be the only remodeling that you need.  But if your kitchen is old, outdated, not so functional, and parts of it are deteriorating, consider renovating your kitchen.

Ok, so my kitchen really needs remodeling.  What do I do next?

Assess your budget.  Having seen what needs to be worked on, you can start figuring out the things that you need, and find out if your budget is enough to get you a new one, or just a repair.  You can also maximize your investment by doing some of the work yourself.  You can paint, lay counter top tiles, and install flooring among others.  From the money you saved by doing things yourself, you can call the professionals for the heavier-duty work. Don’t do the electrical, plumbing or major installing : let the contractors at Aspen Kitchens Inc. do that.

I did things myself and the kitchen’s a mess.  What can I do?

Sometimes, fixing errors and mistakes brought upon by doing it yourself can easily be just as expensive (or even more) than hiring designers.  If you’re not handy around the house, you can hire kitchen designers and construction professionals.

Kitchen remodeling need not be very costly, if you really determine what you already have and don’t need.  Call Aspen Kitchens today to set up a consultation!