Including the Kitchen Sink

Including the kitchen sink
In the world of almost unlimited choices, Aspen Kitchens believes in sharing information that enables you to evaluate your options and make the right choice for you. To that end, we want to take you beyond the traditional double bowl stainless steel sink everyone knows about and open up a whole new world of options. With so many styles and materials available in kitchen sinks today, there is no reason to settle for less than what works best – and LOOKS best – for you.
Let’s start with function. Depending on your individual needs, you will want to choose between a single bowl, double bowl or triple bowl sink. Do you need a deep or shallow sink or a combination? If you use a lot of big pots and large bowls, you’ll want to think about getting a deep sink. Do you want an integrated drain board? If you mostly use your dishwasher, perhaps you don’t need a double bowl sink and a single bowl might better meet your needs. If you like to hand wash dishes and use a dish drainer, you should consider if you want to drainer to be on top of the counter or set inside the sink. In that case, a double bowl sink would be a better choice than a single bowl sink. If you want to wash dishes on one side, discard refuse in another and drain dishes in yet another sink, then you will want to check out your options with a triple bowl sink. The middle bowl will be small in comparison to the other two bowls and will serve your needs perfectly. There are any number of options to meet your needs but time spent on identifying how you need your sink to function is time well spent. You can have anything you want and need so it is critical to consider how your sink will function best for you.
Now, let’s look at materials. If you can imagine it, you can probably have it. Everyone is familiar with the reliable stainless steel sink but have you considered a copper sink or a bronze sink? How about a German silver sink? You can get a granite sink, a composite sink, porcelain, cast iron, solid surface or … the list goes on.
Materials– Apron front or farm sinks are enjoying popularity these days and certainly add charm to a kitchen. The apron front sink can come in a variety of materials including copper, bronze and porcelain. The front of the sink can even be embossed with a beautiful design, hammered, plain or almost anything else you can imagine. Kohler, Franke, Elkay and Herbeau are just a few manufacturers of beautiful apron front sinks.
It is important to understand that copper, bronze or silver sinks are a living material and the appearance will change with use. German Silver Sinks, on the ultra-high-end of the spectrum, are unique in their shape in that they corners are squared and each sink is handmade to order. If you like the pristine finish of what you see in the showroom, please understand that is not how your sink will look in 6 months. Hammered Copper Sink
Granite sinks are made of laminated layers of granite and are intended to match or contrast with a stone counter. Composite sinks are considerably lighter than granite sinks and are made to provide decorative interest and a suitable alternative to stainless steel while enhancing a stone or tile countertop. Blanco Diamond, Elkay and Swan are some of the manufacturers of composite sinks.
Cast iron sinks are heavy and the finish is susceptible to scratching but they are beautiful and have enjoyed a huge following for decades. Porcelain sinks are affordable and attractive but the finish can chip. Fireclay sinks are often used in the farmhouse style and are fired at such a high temperature that the glaze is fused with the clay and forms a virtually impermeable finish. If you are worried about scratching the finish of your new sink, this may be the perfect choice for you because it is almost impossible to scratch this material. Some of the manufacturers of cast iron, porcelain and fireclay sinks include: Blanco, Kohler, and Pegasus.
Gauge – You will see the sink gauge listed when purchasing stainless steel or other metal sinks. Most stainless sinks are 16 or 18 gauge. The lower the number the thicker the material so you want to purchase a lower gauge for better strength and heat retention. single bowl stainless steel sink
Mounting (top mount, under mount and integrated) – For many years, top mounted sinks were the only option so almost everyone if familiar with the look and installation process for the top mounted sink. The sink sits on top of the countertop and is silicone sealed to prevent water from leaking between the sink and the countertop. Under mount sinks are installed beneath the countertop and come in a variety of materials. Many clients prefer this type of sink for the ease of cleaning and the uninterrupted lines of the countertop surface. Like the top mount sink, the under mount sink is a separate piece. The integrated sink is all one piece and is, as the name indicates, an integral part of the countertop itself. The mounting process creates a smooth and seamless transition from counter to sink. The integrated sink is available in solid surface materials such as Corian or LG Hi-Macs.
At Aspen Kitchens, we understand that every detail dovetails into the big picture resulting in the ultimate kitchen design solution where function and beauty merge into perfection…. Including the kitchen sink.
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