White Countertop Supports

White countertop supports are made and fabricated with steel or wood of very high standards and  quality. It is then given a white finish similar to Formica that has a very high impact on the look of kitchens. They are used to support marble, granite or other solid countertops that are heavy in weight, surpassing the one-thousand pounds weight limit which is ultimately determined by the method used to install the support. The load limit is also determined by the type of surface or kitchen wall onto which the support will be mounted and the anchor types used. For larger countertop units, diagonal cuts are engraved onto the support so they can accommodate wiring or even ledgers.

Every support has mounting holes from which they are fixed onto kitchen walls or any other suitable surfaces. Tendency of support interfering with knees of people using the countertops or causing cross members are gotten rid of by using countertop support that is very unique. Apart from white countertop support, other available colors in the market are gray, black and almond. The various colors can complement basically any kitchen color themes and designs as the support are either in a neutral or a shade of neutral color.

A wide selection of strong white countertop support is available in various decorative finishes and functional styles that you can choose from for your kitchen décor. They can either be fixed or adjustable and the one chosen must not only complement your kitchen style and décor, but the counter top that it supports. The support can be used in both commercial and residential kitchens to improve their appearances. Decorative support will make your kitchen more attractive with their white colors adding a sense peace, cleanliness and purity into your kitchen.

It is therefore important to select a countertop support with a style, color and design that will easily fit and blend with your existing décor in the kitchen. Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary, modern or any other design style, there are various support styles to choose from. There are two methods that you can use to support your counter tops namely: using hidden support (corbel) or even Island support. The hidden supports are mainly used for granite or small countertops whereas Island supports for long countertops that are overhang. Whatever style that you choose, decorative white countertop support will definitely make your kitchen very glamorous.