What to Look For When Choosing a Kitchen Sink

When doing kitchen remodeling, about 8% of your total budget will go to kitchen fittings and fixtures such as a good kitchen sink and faucet.  That is why it is important never to disregard such matters.  Often times, people disregard this crucial element since color, style, flooring, appliances, and cabinetry are more prioritized.  However, the sink is where you do most of your food preparation, so you must be sure that you get the right one.

The professionals at Aspen Kitchens Inc. will be able to guide you in the products/materials/designs you will be using.

In choosing a kitchen sink, there are many factors to consider, including size and shape, and more.  Listed below are the things you should look for in a sink.

Types of Sinks

Sink configurations that are common today include the single and large rectangle-shaped basin, double-bowled sink (either both sinks are of the same size or one is larger), and a three-bowled sink.

You can also get sinks that are either under-counter mount sinks, tile-edge sinks, or self-rimming sinks, depending on what suits you best.  An under-counter mount sink is attached directly underneath the counter top material.  A tile-edge sink has corners that are squared off to fit to the counter top.  The self-rimming sink has rounded corners and is mounted on the surface of the counter top material using adhesive caulk.  

Size and Shape

A sink can come in various sizes and shapes.  Aside from that, you should also look carefully into the depth of the sink.  Usually, a bargain sink is 6 or 7 inches deep and a typical one is about 8 inches deep.  But if you wash a lot of deep pots like stockpots, pasta pots and roasters, then you should get a sink that is 10 inches deep.


If you want to maximize space in your counter, then you can get a pair of corner-square sinks that utilizes an awkward corner.  Instead of using up much space in your counter, it is located at the corners and doing so frees up straighter runs in your counter that is used as work space. 

Additional Features

If you plan to get a double bowl sink, make sure that the divider in between sink walls is lower than the outside walls.  This is to avoid an overflow, since water can freely flow from one bowl to another.

Overall, choosing a kitchen sink is easy, if you know what you are looking for.  Just make sure that you get one that is suited to your purpose.  Remember, you will be spending a substantial amount of time in the sink so it is crucial you get the right one.  

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