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Kitchens as Living Spaces

The kitchen is increasingly becoming a place to hang out, even when you have people over. It might be traditionally unconventional, but it makes a lot of sense especially if you have a nice kitchen to show off, and your guests are friends. Is there a better place to be than in the room where you can easily access the food, the drinks, the glasses, and so on without missing half of the conversations? Of course you want to be a good host, but you don’t really want to be the waitress.

It might be a good idea to make your kitchen more of a living space and stop thinking of it merely as the place where you cook. Its the new trend. Ideally, you have a kitchen that has enough room to make this work. You could go anywhere from totally remodeling your kitchen to making small, simple changes. If you are remodeling, you could remove the top cabinets and install wider bottom cabinets to make up for the storage room. Also, if possible open a window (even into another room). This is bound to change the overall mood of your kitchen by making it look slightly like a living room. Less drastic solutions include making sure you have some sort of system to play music, and possibly a TV. Also make sure to consider  lighting that can be bright enough to cook, but dimmed when necessary; and of course somewhere to sit. So, go ahead! make your kitchen friendlier.

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Here are a few cabinet ideas to consider, if you’re looking to add small changes, and not perform a complete remodel.

The Tray Storage Cabinet

Tray storage cabinets looks like the equivalent to a filing cabinet for a kitchen. It is unconventional, but it looks highly functional. After all, filing all your cookie sheets, cutting boards, pizza pans, and whatever other flat widgets you have in your kitchen seems like a better idea than stacking them up. It will be easier to look for just the right thing you need, and you will need only one hand to take it out.

Deep Drawers

Still tired of squatting down and contorting to get that one pan that is in the back of your bottom cabinet? Deep drawers are yet another solution to this problem. Obviously youll need enough space to install a drawer that pulls out all the way, but if you install the right one correctly, finding exactly what you need will be a matter of looking down. You will also stop playing tug-of-war with your cabinets, because getting your large pots out will also become a much simpler task. 

Curved Cabinets

Curved cabinets are a rising trend. They give the kitchen a very futuristic look, and seem that they are very practical for tight spaces, since they are easier to walk around. There is something very appealing about the possibilities these curves lend to the layout and navigation of a kitchen. Macy clients find them truly fascinating, possibly because they are rather uncommon and defy expectations.

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