The Most Popular Styles for a Kitchen Remodel

There are a number of routes you could potentially travel when performing a kitchen remodel. The main factors to keep at the forefront of your goals when performing your kitchen remodel are comfort and style. Finding a healthy mix of the two will undoubtedly lead you to creating the kitchen of your dreams. Additionally, it helps to pay close attention to a few specific areas throughout the kitchen when undergoing a remodel. These areas include shelves, kitchen sinks, and cabinets. For more information regarding the characteristics that shape today’s most popular kitchen remodeling styles, check out the list below.

  • Rustic-Style Kitchens
    Rustic-style kitchens are nearly as popular as classic white kitchens these days. They typically consist of vintage ovens and fixtures. One of the key elements of pulling off a rustic style for your kitchen is to eliminate cabinet space to help make the kitchen more cozy. Additionally, a large, deep sink laden with heavy duty material is key to providing a kitchen with a rustic feel. Cabinet latches and a vintage style stove can assist in providing your kitchen with this type of look. This style also allows for natural lighting to become a bigger factor in the look of your kitchen.
  • Cottage-Style Kitchens
    Cottage-style kitchens can be easily achieved by making use of soft colors, and vibrant accents. This particular style provides a quaint, joyful persona to a kitchen. Hardware and linens wll play a vital role in how well this look works with your kitchen. Open shelving also helps provide a look that makes a kitchen seem more open. The cabinets are a vital aspect of making this look work. Using furniture-style details on cabinets is a great addition to a kitchen going for a cottage look and feel.
  • Contemporary Kitchens
    Contemporary-style kitchens are known for their sleek elements and cutting-edge appliances. With that in mind, it’s also not uncommon to find contemporary style kitchens making use of older materials. For example, both quartz and concrete have become popular increasingly popular. The incorporation of these materials lead to an increased amount of choices homeowners have when it comes to deciding what surface they’d be most interested in using. Contemporary kitchens can also provide homeowners with more options regarding lighting and seating. For instance, it’s relatively common to find kitchens following this theme to use bar stools, along with overhead lighting.
  • Craftsman Kitchens
    Craftsman-style kitchens are great for those who have an affection for wood and wooden, handcrafted materials. Wooden tiles are essential in bringing the look together as a whole. Craftsman style kitchens also possess a warm, welcoming feel. Natural stone is another major asset when it comes to craftsman style kitchens. It’s common to find granite and soapstone material for countertops for kitchens following a craftsman theme. Earthy colors help provide an outdoorsy feeling, and helps accent the natural light that comes in. Outside of natural lighting, craftsman style lighting is mainly based on chandeliers and tiffany lamps.