Successful Small Kitchen Remodel

Have you recently considered a kitchen cabinet remodel? Are you interested in refurbishing your home? Do you have the right company in mind? Our team at Aspen Kitchens will let you know in detail the exact kinds of designs you will need to have the optimal kitchen cabinet remodel.

The first thing you have to decide on in your small kitchen remodel project is what layout to use. While there are many small kitchens that are square in shape, most are rectangular. Hence, the best layouts are those which make the best use of available space, including L-shaped and U-shaped, one-wall and galleys. To illustrate, the one-wall design allows unimpeded movement around the kitchen by placing all the major kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove) along with the sink, in a line along one wall. If you want more counter space, on the other hand, the L-shaped layout, also known as the classic kitchen triangle, gives you that by placing the refrigerator and the range at a roughly right angle to each other with the sink at the center.

When picking the layout that is right for your small kitchen remodel, you have to decide exactly what you want in a kitchen, since you will have to sacrifice certain features. Is storage more important to you than counter space? You also need to make space-saving decisions such as deciding whether you need a side-by-side refrigerator or a big double sink. The correct layout is vital feel and flow of your kitchen. But don’t worry: Aspen Kitchen has a great team of modern designers to help.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

One can always depend upon kitchen cabinet remodels as the basic step to creating a new feel for your kitchen. If you are wanting simple retouches: just try updating your cabinet knobs! When it matters to choosing kitchen cabinet knobs suitable for one’s remodel is very significant to keep in mind the entire design for the kitchen and the outlook that one wants to choose. There are various kinds and finishes to select from it is more significant compared to the style one choose enhanced the over design which one is opting for. When the cabinet hardware may appear to be a retail customers and potential home buyers will be capable of telling if one’s cabinet hardware is not relevant or not matching with the entire design. This plain design element can definitely shake the whole balance of the drawing room. Kitchen cabinet knobs and handles have varieties of models to select from that it is definite to be a chap to be with the entire design of the kitchen. Cabinet pulls and knobs are obtainable in products like satin nickel; oil rubbed bronze and weather, antique copper, matte black, polished brass and brushed pewter. If one is going to search more modern stainless steel and satin nickel will be the ideal choice so far as cabinet hardware products are concerned. For a vintage or classic, polished brass and antique brass is the right solution to finish the kitchen design.


Whether you want a simple remodel, or a full-on project, Aspen Kitchens Inc. is there to help. Call today to schedule a consultation!