How To Survive Without Your Kitchen During the Renovation

At last, the time has come for your kitchen renovation project to start. But now comes the hard part! You will now find out that living without a kitchen can prove to be hectic, crazy and costly. So, how do you prepare for your kitchen renovation so that you don’t experience all these problems?

The best way to prepare for a kitchen renovation is to prepare in advance. Preparation is the key for getting the results you want from your kitchen renovation. The kitchen designer and construction company you have selected will hopefully do its best to help you achieve the best kitchen renovation experience possible. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your kitchen renovation and make sure that the renovation goes smoothly.

How to Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation:

  • Empty your kitchen- You have to begin by physically preparing the kitchen for renovation. Empty everything you can out of the kitchen so it is ready for the contractor when they get there. Make sure you know if it is your responsibility or the contractors to disconnect the gas, plumbing and electricity to your kitchen.
  • Packing your items- It is best if you pack your kitchen into boxes or clear plastic storage containers. Make sure to put everything you use on a daily basis together so you can use them in another area of your home.
    Put all of the boxes in a safe place in your home or garage until the renovation is complete.Packing
  • Find a place for your temporary kitchen- Renovation of a kitchen is a big project and can take 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Setting up a temporary kitchen will help you tolerate the mess of the renovation until your kitchen is complete. Find a place that is conveinient for everyone to set up your temporary kitchen. If you don’t want people bothering you while you are working from home, then don’t set it up in an office. It may be a good idea to put down a piece of plywood or plastic to protect floors and carpets underneath your temporary kitchen.
    Make sure that the room has sufficient outlets for plugging in small appliances.
  • Protect your pets- Contractors will be in and out of your home constantly during the renovation. They will also be using dangerous tools. Make sure that animals are locked away in a basement or room so they don’t get injured or lost during this time.
  • Cover all important items in adjacent rooms- You should cover your computer and other electronic items that are in the adjacent rooms to prevent them from dust and damage. Cover your furniture also and take down any important pictures and wall hangings to minimize cleanup after your renovation

Some important things to consider

  • Talk with the company doing your kitchen renovation about layout, cabinetry, appliances and lighting so that you can get product specifications and installation information in hand well ahead of renovation
  • Make sure that your contractor has completed all the necessary permits before starting the renovation project and knows all about the schedule of inspections.
  • Plan all your meals around small appliances like a microwave, slow cooker etc. Check if you can move your fridge to your temporary kitchen. If not then you may want to invest in a mini -fridge.
  • You should seal off the kitchen from the rest of the house to minimize dust and dirt in other areas.
  • Don’t forget to find a proper place for washing dishes.
  • You can use disposable plates and dishes if you don’t want to wash dishes.