Looking For Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood kitchen cabinets are popular for a kitchen designing theme. Wood cabinets have been a classic as well as contemporary choice for kitchens, be they affordable ones or custom-made. Wooden kitchen cabinets are easy to take care of, offer a variety of designs and colors and can be chosen from a price you can afford. Make sure your kitchen designing budget is allocated for solid wood kitchen cabinets when you have kept half of it for buying appliances, counter tops, furnishing, crockery etc. You may feel inclined to add more customizations when it’s in the making so better reserve some money for your later ideas. Aspen Kitchens Inc. is pleased to assist with the design process, as well as the renovation.

The variety of solid wood kitchen cabinets is almost as large as the type of trees (with exceptions). You can choose from maple, pine, oak, birch, chestnut, beech, and ash all of which come in light colors. For darker colors you can go for mahogany, rosewood, cherry, teak, and ebony. A typical variety known as ‘alder wood’ is available from white to brown color. You can always choose a lighter color and stain it dark. Details of few of these solid wood kitchen cabinets are as follows. Ebony is the dark variety with a black grain. You can spend more money on it to give your kitchen an exotic look. Hickory kitchen cabinets hold up very well and hence popular. They have straight grains and are found in country kitchens. Oak has been a traditional choice for cabinet designs. Its coarse texture can be made prominent with a dark stain or less evident with a light stain. The best thing is that it resists expansion in moist conditions. Walnut stands out as an open grain variety. The wood ‘feel’ is more pronounced. It is however expensive and used in custom-made designs mostly. Solid wood kitchen cabinets can be protected from weather affects by paint or varnish so that the doors and drawers keep moving smoothly. Varnish, staining, and painting are three options for you.

Next comes the styling of your solid wood kitchen cabinets. It’s totally up to you if you want to go for streamlined shapes or curved orders. The color of the wood is also up to you. Make sure the walls and furnishings are in contrast to your wood color. You can get all the styling done from a nearby home improvement store or select a design from websites that let you play with your imagination and come up with a totally unique idea to add personal touch to your solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Colorado Springs.

These are all options that Aspen Kitchens Inc. are able to help you sift through. The design and remodel team professionals are here to help. Call for a consultation!