Kitchen Remodeling Storage & Space Saving Tips

There are many reasons that conserving space is a top priority for anyone undergoing a kitchen remodel. Not only can it help keep the costs of the project low, it can also increase the amount of room you have to serve meals and cook. Saving space on your kitchen remodel can prove to be transformative. Increasing the amount of space you have in your home can quickly increase your productivity and efficiency in the kitchen. Consolidating space should be one of your top priorities when undergoing a kitchen remodel. Popular tips for saving space while performing your kitchen remodel can be found below:

  • Install a Single Bowl Sinks
    Installing a single bowl sink instead of a double-bowl can have a significant impact on the amount of space you have in your kitchen. When you’re dealing with limited counter space, a double-bowl or triple-bowl sink can seem to eat away at lots of valuable space. Sometimes, they can also make washing larger dishes easier too. Having a smaller sink also means having a smaller sink base, which can save up to six inches of valuable cabinet and counter space. If you can think of more useful ways to use the space that a bigger sink would take up, a single bowl sink would be ideal for you.
  • Use a Nearby Closet as a Pantry
    One way to effectively make use space you already have is to utilize a nearby closet as a pantry. Doing so provides you with a space within the kitchen to adjust shelves as needed. Employing a closet as a pantry also means you’ll be able to move some of your lesser used items out of the kitchen cabinets. Clearly, this frees up more space for more important items you may not have had enough room for previously. Something as simple as adding more storage space to your kitchen can go a long way.
  • Make Good Use of Vertical Space
    Unused space above your cabinets and refrigerator can do wonders for increasing the amount of space you have available in your kitchen. There is a variety of ways you can go about utilizing this often ignored space. For instance, you can hang glasses and mugs on shelves made specifically for dishware. Other methods for using spaces along the cabinets and refrigerator include magnetic strips or mounted wire shelving to hold cutlery or baking supplies. With creativity, spaces along the cabinets and refrigerator can become perfect for increasing storage within a smaller kitchen.
  • Install a Multi-Purpose Island
    The potential an island serves for increasing productivity is endless. An island in the center of the kitchen can open up the room, and put everything you need within reach. Incorporating an island into your kitchen can increase the amount of space you have while providing a refreshing, unique look and feel.


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