Kitchen Cabinet Height Guide: How High Should They Be?

Cabinets are among the most pertinent aspects of your kitchen. When starting the process of remodeling a kitchen, it’s important to have the various standard dimensions required for successfully installing your new cabinets. Knowing how high they should be can quickly eliminate lots of confusion and potential errors. Along with sizes, there are multiple other factors regarding your cabinets that should be taken into consideration. For instance, design elements and space are vital for ensuring that your cabinets work well with the aesthetic of your kitchen. Following the guidelines below for tall, base and wall cabinets can help make your kitchen renovation much faster than you expected.

  • Base Cabinet Sizes
    Standard base kitchen cabinets typically measure 34.5” high and 36” high from the kitchen floor to the top of the counter once the countertop is installed. The base cabinet acts as the foundation by resting on the floor and holding a set of shelves or drawers. They’re installed directly onto the floor and are known as a cornerstone of a kitchen. Unlike other types of cabinets, your kitchen could potentially lose all functionality without properly installed base cabinets. Most of the time, objects that are most essential to cooking and meal preparation are stored inside base cabinets.
  • Wall Cabinet Sizes
    The standard sizes for wall cabinets range from 12” to 36” in width. Their standard heights are 12”, 15”, 18”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48”. Typically, they hang 18” above countertops and 54” from the floor to the bottom of the wall cabinet. Usually wall cabinets are used for storing kitchen supplies, food items, and seasonings. Wall cabinets are attached directly to wall studs using screws. They’re known for standing out right away in most kitchens. The standard depth for cabinets is 12” deep, although cabinets that are found behind refrigerators commonly measure at 24” deep. These walls provide convenience and a cohesive look.
  • Tall Cabinet Sizes
    Tall (or pantry) cabinet sizes typically range from 84” to 96”. Widths range from 12: to 36”. Ideally, tall sized cabinets reach from the bottom of your kitchen floor up to the ceiling. Pantry cabinets that are at least 12” often make for great food storage spaces for canned and boxed goods. It’s also common to see sliding drawers or pull-out compartments commonly used with tall sized cabinets. Additionally, it’s common to find tall sized cabinets not only in kitchens, but in laundry rooms as well. Added compartments along with the increased depth make tall sized cabinets a primary choice for storage within kitchens.

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