Hydrotherapy Tubs: Which is Best for You?

There are a number of factors that go into deciding which hydrotherapy tub is best for you. Hydrotherapy is typically regarded as a mix of climate-controlled water and hydro jets built to massage your muscles as you relax in a near-sedated state. Hydrotherapy has been known to help alleviate sleeping disorders, arthritis, and back pain. Deciding to use a hydrotherapy tub is a decision that you’ll likely be glad you made. Ultimately, it’s important to know which hydrotherapy tub is best for you. There are multiple types of hydrotherapy tubs that should be considered before making a final decision. The best way to make an informed decision is to learn more about each type of hydrotherapy tubs. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of air tubs, full-body massage tubs and whirlpool tubs.

  • Air Tubs
    The benefits of an air tub include the facts that they come fully-equipped with a cleaning system, and the fact that they incorporate aromatherapy oils. Air tubs don’t come equipped with pumps or pipes either. Additionally, hydrotherapy tubs include bubbles and touch receptors that act as stress relievers. Air tubs are known for providing a gentler massage than other types of hydrotherapy tubs. When properly maintained, air tubs can become an instrumental tool for relaxation.
  • Full-Body Massage Tubs
    The full-body massage tub is known fo providing the best package for total enjoyment. Similar to the air tub, the full-body massage tub is known for possessing an intelligent cleaning system that eliminates the need to worry about maintenance. This tub caters to all senses with its capability of providing pressurized water, comfortable temperatures and aromatherapy oil options.This tub offers a variety of benefits that aid in providing comfort to the mind and body. If you feel as though you could benefit from a warm, comfortable tub capable of providing a sensual full-body massage, the full-body massage tub is the best choice for you.
  • Whirlpool Tubs
    Whirlpool tubs provide quick, effective relief from pain or discomfort. These tubs have strategically placed air jets that direct the water with intense pressure. To make for a more individualized experience, users can adjust the jets to cater specifically to your body’s needs. Unlike the previous models, whirlpool jets have to be maintenanced using a tub cleaning system. It should also be noted that the only way for the tub to maintain a consistently warm temperature is to combine the tub with an inline heater.

In order to make an informed purchase, it’s advised to do as much research as possible on each type of tub. If you’ve been exploring unconventional new ways to relieve yourself of stress or to manage day-to-day pain, a hydrotherapy tub would be a wise addition to your home. After evaluating exactly why you want or need a hydrotherapy tub, it becomes easier to select one you’ll be happy with. A hydrotherapy tub is a fantastic addition to any home. Once you regularly start using the tub, you’ll notice a substantial difference in your overall relaxation levels. A Hydrotherapy tub is a great way to take rest and relaxation to the next level.