How To Maintain Wooden Cabinets

Cabinets are the heart of our kitchen.  They have a big impact on our budget as well as how our kitchen looks. They are one of the first things you look when you enter in the kitchen and they have a large influence on the whole feel of the room. They set the tone for the whole kitchen.Aspen-Kitchens-Cabinets(6)

Cabinets are used more than any other appliance or material in the kitchen. They are more exposed to dust and bacteria more than any other material or appliance. This means that we should properly care for them and do regular maintenance. Below are some tips and ideas that will make sure your cabinets will last longer and shine like the day they were installed!

Maintenance of Kitchen Cabinets

  • Cleaning them on regular basis is very important! – Regular cleaning will help prevent long- term damage to your cabinets finish. Use a cleaner that is recommended for your particular cabinets, and a dry cloth. First wet a cloth in dish soap water, then scrub near the hardware edges and in the corners of the cabinet faces. Then wipe off the fronts of the cabinets with a dry cloth.
      You can also use detergent, vinegar and baking soda for cleaning your wooden cabinet.
  • Dusting should be done regularly- For dusting, you should use a clean, soft lint – free cotton cloth. Do not use packaged dusting and pre- moistened dusting sheets.
  • Wipe spills immediately- Many substances can become difficult to remove and may stain or can cause permanent discoloration or damage to your cabinet’s surface. So if any spills occur, wipe it off immediately with a soft cloth. Don’t forget to immediately dry the surface after cleaning.
  • Should waxing and polishing be done? – The answer to this question is a big no! Waxing and polishing can give a hazy or yellowed appearance to the surface of your cabinets and damage the surface of your cabinet.
  • Protect cabinets from Moisture- Cabinetry near the sink and dishwasher can be affected by moisture. Do not place dish towels or other wet items over cabinet doors. Keep the cabinets dry at all times.
  • Clean glass doors- Don’t ever spray the glass cleaner directly onto glass because it can cause damage to the wood. Instead, spray a small amount of cleaner onto a paper towel and then wipe the glass.
  • Protect your cabinet from heat- When you use self- cleaning feature in the oven, it generates heat. This heat is much greater than normal cooking heat. If by chance, this heat escapes from the oven, it can damage your cabinets.

      Some important things to consider

  • Avoid using products that are solvent based or petroleum based like nail polish removers or paint thinners.
  • Avoid using cleaning products that include ammonia and bleach.
  • Do not place heavy loads on shelves and drawers. It can shorten the life of moving parts.