Forged Square Knobs

Forged square knobs are very beautiful and made from forged metals. Handcrafted by great smiths, this cabinet decorative hardware is very simple yet elegant. With their finely crafted square shapes, they scream their boldness out loud. The forged knob pieces are available in various shapes and sizes that are very classical. Aluminum, bronze, iron, and natural beeswax iron provide a protective waterproof thin layer to the knob. Brass among other metals are used to make these forged knobs. The beeswax produces a finish that is aged and enables the knob to wear and tear naturally and gracefully.

Beeswax also protects the knob pieces from harsh materials that can corrode them or cause rusting to occur. They are original pieces of high uncompromised quality. They are done in different finishes that give each end product a different individual look. Varying colors add beauty and warmth to every piece of a forged knob. Every step of making these knobs, including the finishes are done by hand making sure that every detail is perfectly done. Used metals such as scrape metals can be recycled to make these cute knobs, rendering them environment friendly.

Some of the finishes normally done to these knobs to give them their general appearance and color are satin nickel finish, matte powder coat, dull antique copper that is burnished, antique brass finish and oil rubbed bronze among others. Simple but stylish, these forged square knobs done by hands complement kitchen cabinet doors very well. Some of these unique pieces of knobs have sleek shapes but all of them have fine beautiful surfaces that are soft on touch. Darker woods are normally complemented well by these gorgeous pieces of metal work.

A timeless appeal can be realized when using these squared knobs to complement a contemporary-style kitchen. For an urban, modern look or even an elegant country style kitchen, these knobs will add glamour and warmth. From the available variety of designs with several different finishes on the market, you can choose the best square knob to glam your kitchen. Original products usually last for a very long time and you can be sure that your knob will last for many years to come unless you decide to replace them. The forged square knobs reacts with neither moisture nor salty air hence they are non-corrosive.