Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

Remodeling a bathroom for a home is such a big project, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that one aspects will be forgotten about or not executed as well as it should have been. With that in mind, it helps to know of some of the more common redesign tips that you should try to avoid at all costs. The best way to avoid most of the more common errors of bathroom designing is to plan, and to do as much planning as possible. The second most important aspect of designing your bathroom is to follow your plan no matter what obstacles you may encounter. Keeping both of those major aspects of designing your bathroom in the back of your mind while you redesign your bathroom will make your design go easier than you could have imagined. Along with planning and remaining committed to the plan, more major aspects of your bathroom design are listed below:

  1. Confusing Bigger for Better:
    Thinking that bigger is better can end up being a terrible mistake for a bathroom design. The feel of your bathroom can dramatically suffer, if you’re forcing it to be a size that just isn’t natural. If your bathroom can function with just the basic necessities, there’s no need to try and force extra space. Your bathroom only needs to be large enough to serve those major functions. Trying to force a few extra square feet so it’s just a tad bigger won’t necessarily add anything to it, but it may make it feel slightly uncomfortable.
  2. Not Providing Enough Storage Space:
    One area that’s easy to overlook when it comes to bathroom design is storage. Not considering the space available for storage in your bathroom can lead to serious mishaps in the very near future. Make sure that you account for cabinet space, towel racks and shelves behind the bathroom vanity mirror. You don’t have to take up too much space for storage, but you should prep to square off a certain amount of space just for storage purposes.
  3. Not Getting The Most for Your Money
    You shouldn’t have to spend money on your bathroom design project and have to worry about faulty installation or low-quality materials that don’t stand the test of time. When you map out the budget for your bathroom design project, consider all the aspects of your bathroom that currently give you the most problems. Avoiding those issues for the long-term should be one of the goals you have in mind for getting your bathroom design project done the right way.

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