Choosing Vanity for Your Bathroom

The vanity is the focal point of your bathroom and often the only space for storage in your bathroom. When it comes to choosing vanity for your bathroom, there are a lot of options available. You are limited only by the size of your bathroom and your budget.

Before making any final decision about your vanity, however take some time to know what’s available and what you should consider before buying your vanity. Below are some steps that will help you in choosing right vanity for your bathroom. Aspen Kitchens inc. has a design team that will help you utilize the space and budget you have.

 Tips for Choosing Vanity for Your Bathroom

  • Measure your Bathroom- It is very important to measure your bathroom before purchasing your vanity. Examine how much counter space and storage space you will need. To determine the right size vanity for your bathroom, you need to take proper measurements of the area. Purchasing a wrong vanity will make it difficult for you to move around in your bathroom.Vanity bathroom
  • Consider your Storage Needs- Taking account into what things you use will help you in deciding how much storage you require in your new vanity.
  • Decide Number of Sinks you Want- There are two types of vanities:Bathroom Sink
  • Single vanities- If your bathroom is small, a single vanity is going to be your best bet. These vanities have a width around 36-48 inches.
  • Double vanities- These vanities are best for a shared or family bathroom. These vanities have a width around 60-72 inches.
  • Decide Height of Your Vanity- Now, it’s time to consider the height of your vanity. There are some vanities that are tall and some that are much shorter. Consider who is using the vanity to decide on the proper height. Make sure that the height of your vanity is comfortable for everyday use.
  • Choose a proper place for your Vanity- Your vanity serves several functions in your bathroom therefore it requires space to perform properly. Install them in a place where they don’t slam into other things or block the entry when you open them.Consider your Storage Needs

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