Choosing The Right Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Most homeowners prefer tiles for their kitchen backsplash because they add another element of color in the kitchen and also keep the kitchen neat and tidy and give your kitchen a very trendy look. The tile is an elegant and stylish way to do up the kitchen without running up a huge bill. They protect the surface of the stove and sinks and make them even harder and more durable so that they are strong and can withstand pressure. Aspen Kitchens Inc. design team can provide you with the look you desire!

Backsplash tiles are available in glass, natural stone, ceramic and metal. They can also be found in a number of colors, cuts and designs. The quality of tiles you get also depends on the cost. Cheap tiles are breakable and prone to damage, while high end models are not only stylish but durable. Whatever model of kitchen tiles you buy, just make sure they suit your particular lifestyle.

Ceramic tile is the easiest kinds of backsplash that can be kept clean. It is very easy to wipe them clean if they get dirty. Ceramic is also a type of a material that can be cut according to your needs. There are many different types of colors, textures and patterns that they come in.

Metal tiles like copper, brass and stainless steel are widely used because they provide a very clean finish and look to the entire kitchen. Also they are very easy to handle and keep clean because they can be cleaned just with a wet cloth and will look spotless. The best part is that these tiles can also be cut into the shapes and sizes that you would prefer and thus can be easily placed in your kitchen and give it that homely look and feel.

Glass tiles are classy and sophisticated. They are strong, durable, heat resistant, and also they will not stain or scratch either. Many glass tiles are made of recycled materials and come in various sizes, colors and can be clear or opaque.

Stone tiles give good luxurious finish and goes great with rustic or Mediterranean style kitchens. They can come in a variety of colors from tan and brown to red and black. For the cheaper models, choose the slate type and the granite or marble type for the more expensive model.

Choose the material that will ultimately give you that stunning backsplash for your kitchen. Do not simply think of protecting the walls from staining with a kitchen tile backsplash, create your own signature style with it. The design team at Aspen Kitchens Inc. will help you to choose the best materials for your look and function. Call today to schedule an appointment!