Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want to learn how to make your own kitchen cabinets? Building kitchen cabinets might not be as hard as you think. You  need are the right materials and professionals on hand, like the contractors and designers at Aspen Kitchens Inc. Get the satisfaction of building your own cabinets, tailor them to suite your specific needs and design style, and make sure to check with the professionals about safety concerns.

What you will need to do:

  1. Measurements

Figure out the measurements of where you intend to install the cabinets. After, move the measurements you got to the ½ inch plywood to be able to assemble the pieces. Use the saw to start cutting the plywood in accordance to the measurements.


  1. Cabinet Pieces

Put pieces together as needed for your desired design by nailing the cut portions. Use the finishing nails for this process. Strengthen the frame with wood glue. Use clamps for holding the pieces together while the glue dries.


  1. Face Frame to the Cabinet

Bore holes to the fastened surface of the face frame. This frame will be needed to hold the doors that connect to the cabinet. You will need four pieces of 16 lumber for every cabinet that you wish to make. You can now attach the lumber pieces use wood screws. Now you’ve got your frame. Drill the necessary holes into the face frame then with nails, append to the cabinet frame. Use the wood putty to coat the nail hollow, after nailing.


  1. Cut the doors

To make doors for the frames of the cabinet, cut the plywood into a size of ¼ to 3/8 inches extend beyond for the purpose of easy opening. The table saw should be used in cutting the plywood. The next thing to do is to sand the edges for a smooth outcome.

  1. Do the installation

When your cabinets are dry, you are ready to install your kitchen cabinets colorado springs. Attach the cabinets to the studs. Screw the cabinets into the studs and finally, attach the cabinet doors to the cabinets.

These are very basic steps. Of course, the best option is to call the professionals at Aspen Kitchens Inc. There you will receive design advice and options to add the right ambience and feel to your home, and the contractors can do the dirty work. Call today for a consultation!