8 Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen Makeover

Are you planning renovate your kitchen soon? There are many different choices to consider, and the perfect backsplash is one of them. You should select something that will showcase the color scheme and theme of your kitchen, match well with your cabinets and counters while also catering to your own unique tastes. Here are some trending kitchen backsplash ideas that will help you to make your selections easily.

1. Natural or Artificial Stone –

Natural Stone Backsplash

It is one of the most expensive options, but it is a great way to give unique look to your kitchen. Today, many types of stones are available in the market. For example; marble’s swirling and waving patterns add warmth and texture and granite offers many colors to choose from and plenty of texture on its surface. Stone adds a natural appeal to the environment of the kitchen, which results in added warmth to the ambience. If your kitchen features a stone countertop, then a natural stone backsplash will be an excellent finishing touch.

2. Glass Backsplash

glass backsplash

Glass backsplashes are slick, modern, easy to clean and always a popular choice among consumers. It is one of the most hygienic options available in the market, and is generally inexpensive compared to other options. Glass makes it easy to create beautiful mosaics in your kitchen and because of its versatility any painting or texture on the underlying wall shows through.

3. Chalkboard Backsplash

chalkboard backsplash

This option is very easy to install and not very difficult to care for. It adds a special sense of fun character to the kitchen.

4. Brick Backsplash

brick backsplash

Using brick backsplash will add warmth to your kitchen. It can give the room a pizza- restaurant like quality that can be used to support a theme. It is very easy to clean.

5. Different Pattern or Recycling Funky Tiles


Use tiles of a variety of sizes and strange shapes or designs to create a unique pattern throughout your backsplash. For example; you can use large and small square tiles combined in one wall.

6. Wooden Backsplash

wooden backsplash ideas

Wood is known for its rustic look and outstanding versatility. It can be customized by using stains as well as how the wood is laid out on the backsplash. Staining and cleanliness are important considerations, so don’t forget to use a marine grade wood varnish.

7. Stainless Steel

stainless steel tiled backsplash

Stainless steel tiled backsplash behind this bathroom sink area with new faucet. flickr

A top choice for appliances and sinks, stainless steel extends its range with eye catching countertops and backsplashes. It is very easy to clean and maintain. This material can be modified to appear textured.

8. Ceramic Tiles Backsplash


There are plenty of colors, interesting glaze effects and impressed or extruded patterns are available in ceramic tile. It is usually very easy to clean and long lasting; normally it comes in individual tiles that can be replaced if worn or damaged.

Choosing a backsplash for your kitchen is not an easy decision you have to make, but if you stick to what you love, you can create a kitchen you truly enjoy. If you want to see more impressive and creative kitchen remodeling ideas, call us or visit us !