5 Bathroom Safety Tips for Babies and Kids

There are a number of measures that a parent should take to prevent their child from hazardous injuries in a bathroom. Taking precaution could go a long way in preventing a terrible injury. After all, most injuries that take place inside bathrooms are capable of being prevented. If you have a little one, or anticipate the arrival of one, consider employing the following safety tips into your bathroom. They could prove instrumental in protecting your children.

  1. Keep Electric Appliances Concealed
    It’s commonplace to find electric devices in bathrooms, but when your kids are around, its best to try to keep them covered. Typically these appliances include curling irons, hair dryers and electric razors. When you know you have a few appliances that are out around the bathtub or sink, it’s best to put them away before allowing your little ones inside. The likelihood of an injury occurring when children are left unattended in bathrooms with electronic devices out in the open is incredibly high. The best way to prevent an accident is to remember to put away electronic devices immediately following usage.
  2. Store Medicines, Beauty Accessories, and Toiletries Away From Children
    Leaving your medicines, accessories and toiletries within reach of your children could prove itself as a costly mistake. Locking these vital goods outside of the reach of your children is a great way to prevent a toxic accident from happening. Even something as commonplace as soap could present danger to a young child left alone without adult supervision. In order to effectively make your bathroom safer for your kids, consider adding a safety latch to a bathroom cabinet. Storing these types of goods inside of a locked cabinet will eliminate the worry of your young children potentially ingesting something that can make them sick.
  3. Permanently Add Non-Slip Stickers to the Bottom of Your Bathtub
    Adding non-slip stickers to the bottom of your bath is a great way to prevent a catastrophic accident. Unlike bath mats, non-slip stickers are left in place which eliminates a tripping hazard. A young child could easily hurt themselves climbing out of a bathtub. Such an injury could take some time to recover from, too. The best way to prevent such an accident is to get proactive by adding non-slip stickers to the bottom of your bathtub as soon as you can.
  4. Make Sure Water Isn’t Too Hot
    When giving a bath or washing hands, water can quickly become too hot for young kids. Make sure you pay close attention to the temperature of the water by considering the fact that a kid’s tolerance for hot water isn’t as high as yours. If you have control over your water heater, it may be in your best interest to ensure that your water doesn’t exceed the temperature of 120 degrees fahrenheit.
  5. Provide As Much Supervision as Possible
    The best form of protection for young children in the bathroom is to provide as much supervision as possible. No matter what precautions you take, anyone who deals with children knows that accidents can happen in an instant. In order to completely avoid any accidents, it’s best to never leave children unsupervised.